Call For Abstract

The abstract should include a title, name and affiliations of all authors, and contact email and telephone number of the corresponding author. Do not cite any reference in the abstract. Immediately after the abstract, provide 4-6 keywords. Submission of abstract should be made online. Participants are requested to indicate their preference for poster or oral presentation.


All abstracts submitted must be original work and not previously presented in any form at another conference. Your abstract will be submitted to the Scientific Committee for evaluation and acceptance. Presenters will be notified regarding the status of their abstracts (oral or poster presentation) and date of presentation. The committee may request some papers nominated for oral presentation by authors to be presented as posters. A book of abstracts will be available at the conference. Please mention the focus area of your abstract.

General guidelines:

  1. The abstract must be submitted in English.
  2. Abstracts should consist of a title, list of authors and their affiliation, contact address including e-mail address, telephone number, keywords, and only one paragraph of script.
  3. Title of the abstract should be typed in Times New Roman 14 points, Bold. Underline the name of the presenting author. Use numbers in the title for authors’ affiliation.
  4. The abstract must be single line spaced, typed in Times New Roman 12 points. Standard abbreviations may be used. Abstracts should be a maximum of 300 words.
  5. The abstract should include the following information (1) Rationale and objective of the work; (2) Methodology; (3) Results and Discussion; and (4) Conclusion.


Oral Paper Presentation

The time allowed for oral presentations will be limited to 10 minutes. Individual abstracts accepted for oral presentation will be grouped by the scientific committee of the symposium. Time allowed for the Invited Speakers will be limited to 20 minutes. Plenary lecture shall be limited to 40 minutes

Guidelines for oral presentation:

  1. Presentation duration: 10 minutes (8 min presentation; 2 min Q&A)
  2. General topical sequence of presentation: Background/Rationale (Introduction), Objectives, Methods, Results/Findings, and Conclusion
  3. Equipment supplied in each room: Computer with PowerPoint, projector, and Microphone. If you plan to use Macintosh software, you must bring your own laptop and a VGA adapter.
  4. Please bring the file with you to the speakers’ ready room.


Poster Paper Presentation

All posters will be displayed during the symposium day and should be mounted by the presenter between 9.00 am – 9.30 am.  Each poster should be 90 cm X 120 cm (vertical). The best poster presentation will be awarded on the basis of merit and innovation.

Guidelines for poster presentation:

  1. Poster size: 90 cm X 120 cm (vertical).
  2. Poster sections and contents:
    • Title – most prominent block of text with the largest size (at least 50-60 pt in Arial/Times New Roman
    • Authors and affiliation – usually placed below the title; font size may be similar to text (24 pt Arial)
    • The main section should contain Background, Methodology or Key Methods, Results, Conclusion, and References.

Poster presenters (or at least one of the authors per poster) should be present by the poster for discussions with attendees during the scheduled session time.